Chapter 1.5

Welcome back! Last time Araceli and Braylon’s first child, Audrey, was born and grew into a child. So this time I’m going to start off by showing you a little bit of her.

They can’t afford many toys, but Audrey doesn’t seem to mind. She occupies herself with other things, like dancing! It’s very much worth mentioning that she’s the only sim of mine that has ever actually danced instead of just doing that weird wave thing with their arms. If you play the game a lot you know what I mean!

10-25-14_11-45 AM

When she’s not at home or school she’s at the park playing pirate with the other neighborhood kids.
10-25-14_11-50 AM

10-25-14_11-50 AM-2 She even makes her first friend! (I forgot to write down the name, sorry.)

10-25-14_11-55 AM

Araceli is getting really good at painting. She’s at level 8 and paints her first masterpiece worth over $1,000! It’s a huge help.

10-25-14_11-59 AM

Now that Araceli and Braylon’s lives are finally becoming stable they decide to get married! It may be in the middle of their kitchen, but its very intimate and romantic.

10-25-14_12-00 PM

10-25-14_12-02 PM
This is possibly the best moment of Araceli’s life so far. Her dream of having a big happy family is starting to come together!

10-25-14_12-03 PM

The kissing in this game is kind of funny. Araceli looks like a fish.

10-25-14_12-03 PM-2

A bonus picture just because they’re so adorable together!

10-25-14_12-04 PM

And of course they have to end the night by doing what any newlywed couple would do on their wedding night.

10-25-14_12-05 PM

Araceli and Braylon weren’t doing anything to prevent it so they aren’t really surprised when Araceli takes a pregnancy test and it’s positive! Araceli is kind of too distracted by how much the bathroom smells though.

10-25-14_12-07 PM

After all the excitement over the new pregnancy dies down things go back to normal. Braylon works on programming for work.

10-25-14_12-13 PM

Audrey does her homework when told to. She hardly ever gets any of the questions wrong because she spends ages making sure she has the right answer.

10-25-14_12-13 PM-2

Araceli paints like always, and it brings in a good amount of money for the family at this point.

10-25-14_12-15 PM

She paints until she has morning sickness, anyway.
10-25-14_12-16 PM

With a second child on the way it’s pretty much a necessity to build onto the house! A second bathroom, a relatively small master bedroom, and a pretty big kids room should do! Audrey even gets spoiled with tons of toys and a desk.
10-25-14_12-34 PM

Doesn’t take long for Araceli to start growing a belly and the traditional tummy feeling begins.

10-25-14_12-39 PM

Araceli makes sure to spend plenty of time with Audrey before the baby gets here. She doesn’t want her to feel left out.

10-25-14_12-44 PM

Audrey gets a turn to feel the baby too.

10-25-14_12-46 PM

The family are finally tired of sitting on beds and toilets to eat their meals, so they put some money aside to get a dining table. It’ll fit their family perfectly once baby number 2 is born.

10-25-14_12-50 PM

Poor Araceli can’t make it to the bathroom in time and pees herself the next morning at breakfast. She’s very embarrassed.

10-25-14_12-54 PM

Speaking of embarrassment.. Later on that day Audrey walks in on her dad in the bathroom. She will never be able to unsee that…

10-25-14_12-09 PM

She gets over it quickly, though, and goes back to practicing speeches in the mirror. Her teachers at school want her to improve her skills before they give her a better grade.

10-25-14_12-59 PM

Late one night Araceli randomly went into labor! (I say randomly because I wasn’t expecting it. I feel like it happened too soon.)

10-25-14_1-03 PM

Everyone meet Ella Rosas!

10-25-14_1-06 PM

Audrey surprisingly had no trouble sleeping through the night, even with Ella screaming for a few hours.

10-25-14_1-08 PM-2

Sorry Ella! Mommy and daddy need their sleep for work.
10-25-14_1-08 PM

Gonna end this post with Braylon waking up in the morning and freaking out. hehe Parenthood is tough, huh Braylon?

10-25-14_1-08 PM-3

Thank you to everyone who has been reading! ❤


Chapter 1.4

We start today’s post off with Bray trying to get to know his neighbors. It’s safe to say they hate eachother. So much for that.

10-23-14_3-01 PM

Braylon abandons his mean neighbor and heads to the gym. Now that he has a fiance he wants to stay in shape for her. He doesn’t need to be gaining baby weight too. Araceli is going to gain enough for the both of them. (I’d like to point out Bob Pancakes in the background. Featuring the short shorts that he should not be wearing in public.)

10-23-14_3-06 PM

Poor Braylon. He has to use his entire body to lift the weights. This is what happens when you spend all of your time playing sims forever at the library!

10-23-14_3-07 PM

He’s so cute, even when he’s making ridiculous faces.

10-23-14_3-07 PM-2

He switches to the treadmill after a bit. It’s much easier for him to handle, and he can watch TV at the same time.

10-23-14_3-09 PM

The best part of Araceli’s day is coming home to the man she loves! The bigger she gets, the stronger their relationship grows. She sees how much he loves their unborn child, and loves him more for it.

10-23-14_3-14 PM

Araceli usually sells her paintings but decides to keep this one. It helps make their little box feel like a home, which were her exact intentions.

10-23-14_3-20 PM

The bigger Araceli gets the harder it is to fit into a little dress and high heels. After a short shopping trip she’s able to change into some more casual and comfortable clothes.

10-23-14_3-35 PM

One day after work Bray brings home a blue bassinet and puts it together at the end of their bed.

10-23-14_3-37 PM

It’s a good thing he did, because before long Araceli went into labor!

10-23-14_3-43 PM

Sadly Braylon was at work and his boss didn’t allow him to leave.. Araceli was so upset. She didn’t think she could do this without him, but she was determined to have a home birth.

10-23-14_3-44 PM

After a little pushing and A LOT of pain her little bundle of joy is here! And it’s a girl! Araceli had never admitted it to anyone, including Braylon, but she really wanted a girl.

10-23-14_3-47 PM

After lots of cuddles and thinking Araceli decided what her little girl would be named..

10-23-14_3-48 PM

Everyone say hello to the first child born into the legacy, Audrey Rosas.

10-23-14_3-49 PM

As soon as Bray got home he rushed over to the bassinet to meet his new daughter for the first time.. She cried. A lot. He definitely wasn’t as natural with her as Araceli was but he loved her either way and was positive they’d both get use to each other.

10-23-14_3-57 PM-2

In other news, Braylon got a promotion at work and the couple could finally afford a computer! This meant that Bray no longer had to spend his evenings at the library and could spend them all right here, with his family.

10-23-14_3-58 PM

Araceli got a promotion too. This is what she got as her reward.

10-24-14_12-01 PM

As expected, Braylon got the hang of parenting after only a few days. He adores his little girl!

10-24-14_12-08 PM

But that doesn’t mean he can’t get mad when Audrey wakes him up several times a night. How is he supposed to get any sleep with all that crying?

10-24-14_12-04 PM

Araceli thinks it’s funny. She doesn’t mind getting up to take care of Audrey. This is her dream. She wouldn’t have it any other way!

10-24-14_12-05 PM

Parenting is very stressful, though. So the new parents take a break every now and then to have some fun!

10-24-14_12-07 PM

It’s amazing how fast time passes. It seems like just 3 days ago Audrey was being born, and now she’s growing into a child. A talking, walking, child. With her own personality and everything. Audrey has her moms black hair and her dads light brown eyes. But as far as personality goes she’s definitely more like her dad. She gets the trait perfectionist from him, and her childhood aspiration is to be a rambunctious scamp. Oh boy. Sounds like Araceli and Braylon are gonna have their hands full!

10-24-14_12-19 PM-2

With a child in the house Araceli realizes that everyone is gonna need a little more privacy. They use what little money they have to build on a small bathroom and a bedroom for Audrey. Araceli and Braylon can deal with sleeping in the living room for a little while longer.

10-24-14_12-26 PM10-24-14_12-27 PM

I’m gonna end this part here! Thank you everyone for reading. All the support is greatly appreciated.

Chapter 1.3

Life goes on, even after nights like last night. Araceli wakes up bright and early the next morning to make some breakfast before work. No cuts this time, but I assume that’s only because eggs don’t require chopping.

10-23-14_7-48 AM

Aaaand something breaks for the first time. Araceli doesn’t really know what she’s doing. She just hits it a few times until water quits spewing out of it.

10-23-14_7-57 AM

She throws the extra parts on the edge of the lot for now because trash cans are too expensive for our liking.

10-23-14_7-58 AM

At the end of the week Araceli finally has a few days off. She immediately invites Braylon over. After talking about it for a bit they decide to move in together. They just can’t stand being apart for any longer! This is the only way they’ll get to see each other on a daily basis.

10-23-14_8-02 AM

After moving in Braylon gets a haircut and some brand new boots! I think he approves.

His traits are cheerful, perfectionist, and geek. He has the computer wiz aspiration which also gives him the quick learner trait.

10-23-14_8-09 AM-2

It’s harder than you’d think to get a picture of him not squinting..

10-23-14_8-11 AM

Braylon gets a job in the Tech Guru career then him and Araceli head to the library. Araceli looks up art references for work while Braylon plays Sims Forever. They really need their own computer considering Braylon’s career revolves around it, but they’re broke.

10-23-14_8-17 AM10-23-14_8-20 AM

While exploring the library Araceli found the kids section. It reminded her of her dream to have a family. She would be bringing her kids here to read and play someday.

10-23-14_8-22 AM

Braylon and Araceli love living together! No matter what they always have the other right there to talk to. They’re always so happy.

10-23-14_8-24 AM

Moving in together gives them lots of time for woohooing!

10-23-14_8-30 AM

Araceli starts feeling strange so she takes a pregnancy test.. just to be sure. Its positive! It was pretty unexpected but she’s very excited about it. She’s finally going to have the family she’s always wanted. Braylon is going to be such a great father, she thinks.

10-23-14_8-31 AM

Araceli tells Braylon to sit down because she has some big news. Once she starts explaining that she’s going to have a baby Braylon gets this nervous look on his face. He’d never really given much thought to being a father.. Especially not this soon!

10-23-14_8-32 AM

Despite how scared he is, he knows that he wants to be there for his child. He gets down on one knee (in his pajamas) and asks Araceli to marry him.

10-23-14_8-34 AM

She quickly says yes and almost cries at how beautiful the ring is! How did she get so lucky?

10-23-14_8-35 AM

With a baby on the way money is needed more than ever. Araceli spends her time painting for money.

10-23-14_8-37 AM

The father to be does his part too. He digs up and sells fossils. Being a geek he enjoys collecting things.

10-23-14_8-38 AM

He also found this cool figurine! How did that get in the ground?

10-23-14_8-44 AM

He even does some fishing for a little extra money. He’s not very good at it and only catches one fish but it’s something.

10-23-14_8-41 AM

Araceli is having trouble adjusting to the cons of being pregnant.. like needing to pee every five minutes.

10-23-14_8-47 AM

Braylon does everything he can to make his pregnant fiance comfortable and happy. That includes doing the dishes every day. How sweet!

10-23-14_8-49 AM

Araceli and Braylon are proud to announce that they finally have some walls! Their unborn child won’t have to live outside. I think they’re both pretty relieved. Especially Bray, being the perfectionist he is. Everything has to be perfect for his little one!

10-23-14_8-57 AM

They couldn’t afford siding for the outside but it’s still a lot nicer than living outside.

10-23-14_9-00 AM

I’m going to end this part here. Thank you for reading!

Chapter 1.2

We start this post off with Araceli heading to the library because her almost empty plot is incredibly boring. I mean, what kind of a sim doesn’t own a TV? Probably the kind of sim that doesn’t have walls either. Anyways, Araceli remembered Braylon saying he was really into video games and a bit of a geek.  She figures if she’s going to be seeing him she might as well show interest in his hobbies. She thought they were moderately fun, but I can bet you money she isn’t as good at them as him.

10-22-14_6-08 PM

After a few long days of work and a little collecting Araceli could finally afford that easel she’s been wanting so badly.

10-22-14_6-16 PM10-22-14_6-17 PM

10-22-14_6-17 PM-2
She was quite proud of her first few creations. I must admit I was pretty proud too when I saw that she painted the freezer bunny! Now if only we had some walls to hang those paintings on.. Oh well, we need the money anyways so we’ll sell them.

10-22-14_6-19 PM10-22-14_6-22 PM

Between work and painting Araceli hardly had the time to see Braylon. Poor Braylon always showed up while she was away at work. 😦

10-22-14_6-14 PM

The times that they did hang out Araceli was always painting. She felt sort of bad for neglecting him but Braylon reassured her that he was perfectly fine with it. Even if he didn’t have her full attention all the time he really enjoyed just sitting there talking to her until late in the evening. They could be having the worst days, but they were both very cheerful sims and always made each other feel better.

10-22-14_6-29 PM

As much as Araceli would have liked to spend all her days with Braylon she had work to get done and money to make. She was actually starting to create some paintings that brought in decent money!
10-22-14_6-32 PM

With the money she was making from her paintings Araceli decided to buy a stove and a counter so she could make REAL food. No more cereal for every meal. She was excited to almost have an actual kitchen!

10-22-14_6-25 PM

For her first real meal she chopped up some veggies and tossed a salad. Chopping veggies is very dangerous and painful. Don’t try it at home!

10-22-14_6-26 PM

The next day at work Araceli’s boss noticed how hard she’d been working and gave her a promotion! Araceli wanted to do something special to “celebrate” so she called and invited Braylon over. Apparently he knew what she meant by “celebrate” and came running. Yes, he actually ran. Men.

10-22-14_6-35 PM

They woohooed for the first time.

10-22-14_6-37 PM

It made Araceli realize that she was getting some serious feelings for Braylon. She nervously asked him to be her boyfriend. Of course he said yes. I don’t think either of them could picture themselves with anyone else.

10-22-14_6-38 PM-210-22-14_6-38 PM

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I think I’m starting to get the hang of this blogging thing, and I’m really enjoying it. Please leave comments telling me what you think. I love all feedback. See you next time!

Chapter 1.1

This is Araceli Rosas, the founder of this legacy. Her legacy. Araceli moved to a new town with nothing but 1,800 simoleons and a dream to have a big, happy family and success. (Her traits are family-oriented, creative, cheerful, and domestic.)

10-21-14_12-48 PM

She can apparently afford an iPhone despite her money issues.

10-21-14_12-49 PM

She discovered really fast that $1,800 doesn’t get you far. This is all she could afford. A crappy bed, sink, fridge, a toilet, and a shower.

10-21-14_12-51 PM

After all of her belongings were set up she got a job in the painter career. She then decided to take a trip to the museum. If she was going to be a painter she would need to get some inspiration first.

10-21-14_12-54 PM

After a few minutes she got distracted… by men. One man in particular actually, Neil Tompkins.

10-21-14_12-57 PM

They talked for several minutes until Araceli got bored of him going on and on about his muscles and how much he loves to work out. Not attractive, Neil.

10-21-14_12-59 PM

So Araceli found another guy to talk to. This guy caught her eye. After talking to him she found out his name is Braylon. Interesting. And so are his cowboy boots (which you cant see in the pictures. My bad.), but Araceli likes them. They give him character.

10-21-14_1-02 PM

10-21-14_1-03 PM

After talking for long enough to become friends with Braylon she said her goodbyes and went upstairs to find an easel to paint on. Sadly, someone else was already painting. Plus she wouldnt have had the money to buy a canvas anyways.

10-21-14_1-07 PM

She was starting to feel hungry so she headed home. Cereal isn’t the best thing, but its all she has. She decides that if she makes sexy poses while eating it’ll make it more bearable.

10-21-14_1-18 PM

10-21-14_1-19 PM

She really wanted to call Braylon and invite him over, but was nervous it’d be too soon. She did anyways and it turns out he was already at her “house”. I guess it wasnt too soon after all. (You finally get to see his “famous” cowboy boots.)

10-21-14_1-11 PM

After talking for what seemed like hours Araceli worked up the courage to ask Braylon if he was single. Once he said yes she grabbed his hands and told him that she had a crush on him.

10-21-14_1-16 PM10-21-14_1-16 PM-2

The feelings were mutual and soon they were doing more than hand holding.

10-21-14_1-17 PM

Araceli finally said bye to Braylon and went home to get some sleep. She woke up early enough the next morning to have some yogurt and shower before work. Showering outside was.. embarrassing.

10-21-14_1-22 PM10-21-14_1-23 PM

Araceli got home from work VERY stressed out from the day and disappointed that she couldnt afford to buy an easel yet. Maybe tomorrow.

10-21-14_1-26 PM

Thanks to everyone who’s reading! I’m sorry if it kind of sucks. 😛 This is my first legacy so I’m still learning.